Focusing our business on Video pre-roll and Display units we drive income to Publishers and needed results to Advertisers

About us

We are a team of highly skilled specialists inspired by multiple achievements and the rapid pace of digital marketing development. From Video to Display activity, we connect brands and users using the best monetization strategies and Ad Tech solutions.

For our Advertiser

Reach the real users who will enjoy your ad and boost your profit. Connect with SinCity to:

Get full access to high-quality
supply from all over the world from
different environments: Desktop,
In-App, Connected TV, and
Mobile Web

Enjoy the multiple fraud
preventions techniques and
solutions (WhiteOps, IAS, MOAT,
Forensiq, Protected Media and

Pay for the results that elevate
your business

Receive 24/7 support from
dedicated managers to accomplish
remarkable results

For our Publisher

Achieve your personal goals and increase your income. Connect with SinCity to:

Monetize your available Display
and Video inventory by maximizing
fill rates and eCPM

Discover our pool of yield
optimization strategies

Select the best-matching Geo,
category or vertical to satisfy
your audience

Secure our full support in
enhancing the productivity
of your inventories

Our services

Our experts allow us to operate the latest technological achievements of the industry. We are ready to share their knowledge and experience to enable your business development.

  1. Ad Operations and Analytics
  2. Results-driven approach of work
  3. VAST/VPAID integration
  4. Long-term cooperation
  5. Fraud control technologies
  6. Additional services upon request

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